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I blog here three times a week about things related to fluid dynamics. Each week covers one topic. On Wednesday there is an image or video. On my general science blog, Synthesis, I select three or four topics each month to investigate. The information I present is from original research and interviews – not a re-hash of what has been printed elsewhere.

This month the Synthesis topics are Worldwide Species Survival with the focus on the new Andean bear cubs at the National Zoo in Washington, Alternative Energy Sources with the focus on a BioFuels Primer and a look at the technology in the world’s newest green city, and Adaptive Clinical Trials with the focus on what they mean for new cancer  treatments.

You can reach Synthesis by clicking on the Synthesis tab at the top of this page. To return here, click the Fluid Dynamics tab at the top of the Synthesis page. I hope you’ll take the time to visit often.

Also, please give a Like to Modeling Ships and Space Craft on Facebook! For more information on fluid dynamics and/or scale model testing, check out my book.


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