Loop de Loops

Here’s to the intrepids! The people who not only wonder why something isn’t so, but set out to make it so. The first loop de loop was performed by Petr Nesterov on Sep 9, 1913 in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine. It’s hard to believe that this is all about fluids in motion!


Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

Google Doodle Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

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Science Fiction and Science

First Parachute Jump


Today is a big day in fluid dynamic history! It’s the 216th anniversary of the first successful parachute jump. Andre-Jacques Garnerin (1769-1823) accomplished this feat by going aloft attached to the bottom of a hot air balloon.

“I was on the point of cutting the cord that suspended me between heaven and earth… and measured with my eye the vast space that separated me between heaven and earth…” Garnerin wrote. He cut the cord and “I felt myself precipitated with a velocity that was checked by the sudden unfolding of my parachute.”   Continue reading

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